Belgravia Ace Project Details
Project NameBelgravia Ace
Address of DevelopmentBelgravia Drive
Project DeveloperTong Eng Group
Site AreaTo Be Advised
Gross Floor AreaTo Be Advised
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsTo Be Advised
TOPTo Be Advised

Belgravia Ace Project Details by Tong Eng Group

Belgravia Ace was designed by Tong Eng Group, a well-known real estate developer who specializes in landed properties. One of the best things about Belgravia Ace is that it is located just a few steps away from Ang Mo Kio Hub and all the shopping malls that are also located nearby such as Djitsun Mall as well as Ang Mo Kio Centre. So even if you are not a fan of shopping, you can still enjoy a quick visit to nearby shops. There is a wide range of entertainment activities that you can indulge in while staying at this villa as well. However, if you have a family that would like to relax during your stay at the villa, there are several babysitting services located near the airport that could make for a good afternoon break or evening activity.

Belgravia Ace elegantly decorated villa is surrounded by lush tropical gardens. The furnishings will come complete with lounge chairs and sun deck. Each unit at Belgravia Ace has its own beautiful landscaped garden. The spacious room has two bedrooms and one guest room. The luxurious room features hardwood flooring, a king-sized bed, a fully equipped modern kitchen with island sinks and a fridge. The second room is smaller but it also comes with a sofa and a small home theater. Both rooms have their own bathroom with a shower and toilet.

Belgravia Ace is situated at an amazing location for shopping. You can go to nearby shopping malls such as Ang Mo Kio Hub, Dijitsun Mall and Jubilee Square. You can also stop for a bite to eat when you visit the nearby restaurants. The kitchen at Belgravia Ace is modern with a full range of modern appliances. There are separate living area and bedroom floors. Each of the rooms in Belgravia Ace  have their own balcony that offers magnificent views of the city. The bedrooms are fitted with their own double doors, giving the feel of a large house.

While you are at Belgravia Ace, you can indulge in a number of activities such as taking a stroll at Ang Mo Kio Park. If you are a nature lover, you would love to stay in these luxurious furnishings at Belgravia Ace that are fully equipped with all the modern facilities required for luxurious accommodation facilities. Most o fBelgravia Ace are also well-equipped luxury finishings.

The location of Belgravia Ace is also unparelled. You can try out various Asian cuisines including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Peranakan, Sambal, Eurasian and Indonesian cuisines near to Belgravia Ace location. In fact, every cuisine is available near to Belgravia Ace.

The location of Belgravia Ace is such that it makes it easy for the guests to visit. Belgravia Ace have everything that they need to make their stay here comfortable. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, unwind at poolside areas, dine at restaurants, or take part in activities like golfing, tennis, or horseback riding.