Ang Mo Kio, commonly abbreviated as AMK, is an urban planning and housing area located in the central part of Singapore. The history of Ang Mo Kio can be traced back to Singapore Independence Day in 1957. On that day, the then People’s Republic of Singapore declared independence from the British Empire. This movement sparked off the first wave of real estate developments in the area, with real estate developers targeting a particular set of areas to develop, namely the northern part of the Singapore River and the middle part of the Singapore River.

    This first development came about because of the lack of space for development in these areas. The river area was not developed because of the low density of the land there. However, the area has seen rapid growth in the past few decades due to various reasons, including high demand for property, resulting from high influx of tourists, and various government incentives to encourage such development. The growth spurt saw a sharp rise in real estate prices, which subsequently affected the local economy. As a result, these areas have developed into a modern commercial and retail hub with many new and modern malls.

    Ang Mo Kio Town Located Near to Belgravia Ace

    Singapore now sees one of the biggest influx of tourists of any city in the world, mostly from Asia. Many of the tourists who come to Ang Mo Kio Town are drawn by the amazing architectural and shopping attractions that are part of Ang Mo Kio. There are historical areas, modern shopping malls, and other areas that display some of the more colourful aspects of traditional Singapore, all mixed in with the modern urban experience that the people enjoy every day.

    As more real estate developers get involved, the demand for property especially landed ones such as Belgravia Ace in this part of Singapore skyrockets, causing the price of properties in this area to soar. To keep up with this, a number of local and international property developers have come up with various projects in this area. Centro Residences, for instance, is one of the many such projects that has sprung up here in recent years. With affordable rent, it is one of the best locations in this region to choose for a new home or to rent an existing home.

    The area around Belgravia Ace itself looks very picturesque, with many scenic views such as those of the Singapore River and Orchard Road. The Riverside location of Ang Mo Kio means that there is plenty of public transport nearby, including buses and Ang Mo Kio MRT. There are also a number of free bus services that will take you to the train station on the east coast, while Singapore Bus and ferry tickets can be used to reach Ang Mo Kio by either hopping on one of the trams that run through the area or travelling by rail.

    Many of the residents in Ang Mo Kio near to Belgravia Ace location prefer to remain closer to their place of origin, especially for work. This is one of the many advantages of investing in Ang Mo Kio, as the proximity makes it easy to go to work, but also means that one does not have to travel too far to find a new apartment or home to buy. One of the largest populations of expatriates from foreign countries in Singapore, many of whom are from Britain, USA, and Australia, make up most of the local population. The influx has helped to increase the demand for real estate in this area of Singapore, resulting in higher prices and lower rental rates. It also means that more people have the opportunity to get a home in this part of Singapore, which increases the potential for development of residential areas in this area of Singapore.

    History and Development of Ang Mo Kio Town

    Real estate in Ang Mo Kio has seen an influx of new high-rise buildings, freehold landed such as Belgravia Ace, as well as a continuing growth of flats and apartments built close to the existing developments. This means that there are many different types of housing options available to buyers in this area of Singapore, from high-rise skyscrapers and high-rise mixed-use complexes to older residential areas, and even in villas, townhouses and condominiums built next to existing commercial and retail sites. When looking for a new home in Ang Mo Kio, one of the things to keep in mind is that there is an increasing need for affordable homes here, as the population ages and the birth rate is falling. The influx of expatriates will only help to add to the demand for properties in this part of Singapore, making it one of the most sought after places to invest in real estate in Singapore.

    Ang Mo Kio is the largest shopping and business district in Singapore, serving the Central Business District. The station is a viaduct-underground rail link, running under the tunnel-bridge over the flyover of Silom Road. It is also one of the few stations in the city of Singapore that are elevated and not on the ground.

    The history of Ang Mo Kio dates back to the British colonialists when it was called Ang Mo Kio during its early days. From the colonialist days, the district has grown to become one of the busiest places in the country for both business and residential purposes. Today, there are hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, international airport, and many other attractions here. The following will give you a brief background of Ang Mo Kio and some of the places of interest that are found in this historical area. There are many fascinating things to see in this historic place.

    Ang Mo Kio MRT Station is one of the oldest train stations in the world. The old and the new train station served the purpose of ferrying passengers to other parts of Singaproe. Today, the station serves as one of the major bus stations in the region. Ang Mo Kio has many hotels and inns for tourists, which provide the comfortable accommodation in this district. These hotels and inns offer wide variety of services for their customers. Some of these hotels are The Fairmont Ang Mo Kio Singapore, the Excelsior Hotel and the Lim Sirow Plaza. All these hotels are located near the district.

    Ang Mo Kio has many places for entertainment near to Belgravia Ace freehold landed. There are many shopping centres such as Ang Mo Kio Hub, Djitsun Mall and Jubilee Square in the place, which attracts a large number of shoppers around the Ang Mo Kio area. Other than shopping centres, there are also many other places for entertainment such as the sports ground, public swimming pools as well as many of the shop houses around the Ang Mo Kio Town area. Ang Mo Kio even has its own theatre group which organizes shows from time to time.

    Ang Mo Kio is known for its hawker centres. In fact this district is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are around three hundred hawker centres in Ang Mo Kio. Most of the tourist attractions are available within a walking distance. Ang Mo Kio is a famous place for hawker centres, where you will find all kinds of goods such as clothes, jewellery, handicrafts, electronics, bags, snacks and much more.