Belgravia Ace Tong Eng Group Close to Seletar Mall

The Seletar Mall is an upscale mall located at the Seletar area, just a short walk away from Seletar LRT Station. It is part of the mall district, which includes several other high profile malls including Greenwich V and Ang Mo Kio Hub. Construction of this mall began in late 2021 and it formally opened on 28 November 2015. A new report by the Accounts Department of Singapore revealed that the mall has generated over USD 8 billion for the last ten years, which is more than the malls in the city of Singapore itself. The Seletar Mall is located near to Belgravia Ace located at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5.

The city boasts some of the best luxury apartments in the world including Belgravia Ace. Many of them are also well-known restaurants and nightspots, making it easy to locate the right apartments. There are many international restaurants located in the vicinity. For those who love to dine out, the nearby restaurants and bars to cater for a larger clientele base.

Despite the high number of shoppers it attracts, one of the things that make this mall stand out is the amazingly unique layout. Each floor of the building is divided into six distinct levels, all of which contain different shops, restaurants and cafes. It is divided into two main areas, which are the public areas and the private areas. Below are some of the popular shopping centers located in this mall. The Seletar Mall is located near to Belgravia Ace which is a freehold development right at the heart of Seletar. Please see the pricing details for more info.

The Seletar Mall Located at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

At the entrance of the Seletar Mall, you can find some of Singapore’s most popular stores such as Max & Mandibles, Channel and Evolis. It is a seven-storey-building located around the corner of the mall. The facade is made out of glass and is home to many specialty shops selling everything from electrical goods to fashion accessories. There is a separate entrance for the visitors coming from outside. However, there are also elevators available for the people coming in from the outside.

This is the shop from where you can get all your shopping items near to Belgravia Ace location by Tong Eng Brothers. The store is located on the ground floor along the north side. The interior of the building has been decorated with a combination of interior and exterior decoration to create a warm ambience. There are various escalators located from here to the other floors of the building.

Located next to Max & Mandibles, the Shoppers Stop is a well-known retail shop offering a variety of products. The Shoppers Stop is located inside the mall, at the rear of the escalators. You will need to go through the restrooms to reach here. The Shoppers Stop is one of the most popular stores in the area.

Apart from these, there are a few other small shopping centres found around the mall. The Shopping Center is a small shop located on the ground floor of the mall. It is home to a single escalator that goes down to the ground floor. People going up to the escalators will need to use the restrooms. The Singapore Art Gallery is another small shopping centre found at the rear of the mall. It is home to a single escalator that takes people up to the second floor.

Many Shopping Malls Located near to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

For those looking for souvenirs, the China Mall is the place to be found. It is located in the northeast corner of the mall. There is a huge Chinese supermarket located here, along with many other small shops. The China Mall has different branches of the major brands of Chinese items. Some of these brands include the P&G, Lego, and KFC.

For those who want to do a little bit of window shopping, the Sunday Market is a great place to visit. This mall features local craft stalls and food vendors who sell a variety of items including fruits, vegetables, chocolates and other delicacies. There is also a sit down buffet where one can get various sandwiches, pastries, fresh seafood and other delicacies. The Sunday Market is mostly open till mid-night. Some of the popular Sunday Market dishes include Fried rice, roasted chicken and beef, and mutton curry. There is also the Sunday Market gift shop where one can buy gifts for loved ones back home.

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