Jumbo-sized HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio Selling for $899,000

Jumbo-sized HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio Selling for $899,000

The Jumbo-sized flat in Ang Mo Kio is a large HDB located in the heart of Ang Mo Kio. This flat in Ang Mo Kio can be your new home or an investment property. You can choose the best location according to your requirements, budget and space requirement. There are many buildings and homes constructed along the beach area of Thailand; some of them are perfect for residential purposes while some others are more suitable for business purposes. The flat in Ang Mo Kio has all that you are looking for; it is a perfect residential area with good exposure to the sea and a lot of business opportunities. Therefore, bigger units such as Belgravia Ace should receive good feedbacks from potential buyers as the size are big and highly sought after for family stay.

The proprietor of a five-room HDB leader at 505 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 is selling the property for $899,000. In any case, this unit was initially comprised of two adjoining three-room pads when the square was worked in 1980. One level was initially a corner unit of around 870 sq ft, while the different was a hallway unit that additionally had a story space of around 870 sq ft. The layers title likewise incorporates a 6m access hall. At the point when the proprietors purchased both three-room pads around 20 years prior, they effectively applied to HDB to consolidate them under a solitary title. Subsequently, this uncommon leader condo has a complete floor space of 1,755 sq ft. The asking value means $512 psf.

This area has a lot of entertainment activities to offer its residents. This place attracts a large number of tourists who come to visit the natural beauty of the area. Ang Mo Kio has many golf courses and shopping malls that make the tourist’s stay easy. The Jumbo-sized flat in Ang Mo Kio area has a good location for the international travelers as well. The Thais and foreigners that come here for business purposes love this place. A Jumbo-sized flat in Ang Mo Kio can provide you with a comfortable and cozy accommodation facility at a very reasonable rate.

This is not a luxurious property but it is a perfect one for those who own a Jumbo-sized flat. The property is located at a good location and provides easy access to all commercial centers in the area. The property has an office space with two parking spaces. The property has three bedrooms and one bathroom with a tiled floor.

The size of this level places it in the classification of enormous HDB pads which range from 1,442 sq ft to around 2,000 sq ft. Enormous pads were offered by HDB during a time of oversupply in the public real estate market during the 1990s, and every level was made by consolidating two nearby units. Gigantic pads are a moderately uncommon HDB level sort. As indicated by HDB, just around 480 of these pads were made in Woodlands, Yishun and Jurong East.

You can find a hotel in this area that will suit your taste and budget. The Jumbo-sized flat in Ang Mo Kio area has all the modern amenities that you require for a comfortable and hassle free stay. The property is fully furnished and has a swimming pool. The flat is located at a very convenient location that is near to all important areas in Ang Mo Kio.

As indicated by Jason Tan, branch division chief at ERA Realty who is promoting the leader loft, level proprietors can in any case apply to HDB to blend bordering three-room or more modest pads under the HDB Conversion Scheme.

“For purchasers who would prefer not to go through that interaction, buying a level that has effectively been consolidated is the following most ideal alternative. The way that most gigantic pads are in non-develop HDB neighborhoods, for example, Woodlands and Yishun adds to the extraordinariness and allure of this specific kind sized level in Ang Mo Kio,” says Tan.

If you are planning to rent the property, then Ang Mo Kio is the perfect place for you. There are many properties for sale in this area and you can get the best deal if you choose to buy the flat here. The rates in Ang Mo Kio are very reasonable and affordable by any standard income group. The prices of the flats in the area are well below the national average. If you are looking to relocate to this place, then you can save a lot of money by staying in the flat.

The square in Ang Mo Kio is 700m away from the Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, which is associated with the Ang Mo Kio transport trade and AMK Hub shopping center. Close by conveniences incorporate Ang Mo Kio Public Library and Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic. The HDB home is likewise near a few schools and instructive foundations. Across the street from the square is Anderson Secondary School and Nanyang Polytechnic, and different schools in its closeness are Anderson Serangoon Junior College, Jing Shan Primary School, Deyi Secondary School and Ang Mo Kio Secondary School. In light of the floorplan, the unit actually holds the isolating divider that had initially isolated the two pads, with independent parlors, kitchens and latrines according to the first plan.

The Jumbo-sized flat in Ang Mo Kio area is located near the international airport as well as the railway station. Tampines Ave 11 Tender You can also access the major tourist attractions from the property. You can easily find a restaurant and shopping mall in the area. The property is surrounded by some beautiful scenery and there are also a variety of wonderful golf courses and other recreational activities located nearby.

You can also save a lot of money on your utility bills if you decide to move to Ang Mo Kio. The flat is located next to many shopping malls, banks and hospitals. There are also schools and health clinics in the vicinity that you can visit easily. The flat is also close to several highways that will help you commute to other parts of the country easily. If you are planning to invest in a property in the Ang Mo Kio area, then the Jumbo flat is a great investment as it is located next to excellent transport links.

The proprietors bought the two pads around 20 years prior and effectively applied to consolidate the possession titles. The property is as yet in its unique condition. As indicated by Tan, the proprietors purchased the level determined to rent the rooms. Presently, just two occupants are remaining in the level alongside the proprietors, he says.

“At the point when we previously recorded the level available to be purchased toward the beginning of April 2021, I planned 10 unique viewings over the initial two ends of the week. I’m currently setting up more viewings in the coming days for other invested individuals,” says Tan.

He adds that most purchasers who have come to see the unit have shown that they intend to crush the separating divider. “The majority of the genuine potential purchasers who have come to see the unit are searching for another home that can oblige their close family and some more distant family individuals. There are even a couple of youthful couples who are thinking about this level as their first home,” says Tan.

The level is as yet in its unique condition and a few remodels would be required before the new proprietor moves in, says Tan. In view of his experience, he figures that remodels for this level could go from $100,000 to about $150,000, contingent upon the sort and nature of installations and the degree of the redesigns. Tan has additionally worked with inside fashioner firm Rezt+Relax Interior Design to deliver craftsmen’s impressions of what the unit could resemble when redesigned. He says that this assists possible purchasers with envisioning the space better and assists them with choosing if it suits their necessities.

As per HDB deals information, the most costly enormous HDB level sold in the previous four years was a 1,786 sq ft level at 460 Tampines Street 42 that got $990,000 (or $554 psf) in October 2018. Six enormous pads have been sold so far this year, and the most costly exchange was for a 1,786 sq ft unit at 454 Tampines Street 42 that changed hands for $865,000 ($484 psf) on Feb 12. While the HDB resale market has seen vigorous exchanges in the course of recent months and more purchasers forking out cash-over-valuation on top of HDB valuations to get their ideal home, Tan says that this specific gigantic level is probably not going to gather a significant COV.

“Late resale exchanges in the encompassing squares show that the current guide cost for this unit is still inside assumptions. While it is a generally old level, it is likewise an uncommon design flaunting an enormous living space,” says Tan. He anticipates that the jumbo flat should speak to a scope of purchasers, including more youthful, first-time purchasers and more established property holders hoping to right-estimate their home.

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