Bigger Properties Preferred Duplex penthouse at Belle Vue Residences available for $5.3 mil

Bigger Properties Preferred Duplex penthouse at Belle Vue Residences available for $5.3 mil

A 3,552 sq ft, three-room penthouse at Belle Vue Residences was introduced at the debut Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI) property closeout on April 29. A mortgagee deal, the penthouse has a guide cost of $5.3 million ($1,492 psf). There are a number of different reasons why people make the decision to invest in bigger properties. Some people may need a place to live for a period of time, while others will need a home for more than a year or two. A real estate agent can be of great help in choosing the best investment properties. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider investing in bigger properties. Therefore, properties such as Belgravia Ace where the layouts are huge are highly preferred.

The duplex unit, which is on the fifth floor, has an en suite main room, two different rooms, lounge and kitchen on the lower floor. The unit has flight of stairs admittance to a private rooftop patio, which possesses the whole upper floor of the penthouse. It additionally includes a private lift entryway. A real estate agent can be of help when it comes to selling your property. This is particularly important if you have chosen to invest in a bigger property. Since real estate agents work on commission, they will try their best to get you the best deal possible. If you have decided to sell your house, then a real estate agent will definitely be your best option.

A real estate broker can also be helpful if you want to rent your property. Brokers work with different landlords and can give you advice on the best property that suits your needs. You should know that the landlord always has the last word. In case you want to ask questions, make sure that you speak with your broker first, so that you get all the details you need. The 176-unit Belle Vue Residences is a freehold improvement on Oxley Walk.

It is not that hard to find a good real estate agent. All you have to do is spend some time and effort looking for one. You can start searching the Internet to see if there are any ads about real estate agents. If you are really serious about getting a property, then you should go out and see some brokers in person. Ask them how they can help you find the perfect house. Beauty Vue Residences — situated on Oxley Walk in prime District 9 — is a freehold townhouse by Wing Tai Holdings that was finished in 2010. The 176-unit improvement has nine 5-story private squares including two-to five-room units of between 1,378 sq ft and 5,005 sq ft.

It is not very expensive to buy a real estate property. The prices of these properties are constantly fluctuating, so you may want to invest in one now and then. This way, you will be able to get a feel of the market when it’s going up. When buying, you should be ready to negotiate. Keep in mind that real estate values will fluctuate. Be prepared to compromise. If you already own a bigger property, you can rent it to someone who wants a bigger property. But you should remember that the rent you pay should be larger than the value of the property. Renting a bigger property means more profits. So if you still have a bigger property and want to use it for rental income, you should think about buying bigger properties.

There have been three resale exchanges at Belle Vue Residences so far this year. The most recent was for a 1,755 sq ft ground-floor unit that was sold for $3.48 million ($1,983 psf) on March 21, while another 1,561 sq ft ground-floor unit was sold for $3.1 million ($1,986 psf) on Feb 2. A 2,304 sq ft unit on the subsequent floor changed hands for $4.6 million ($1,997 psf) on Jan 21. You should be careful in dealing with the sellers. If you really want to buy a property, you should check out the background of the seller. Make sure that he is stable and has a history of paying his debts. He should have a stable job and his income should be consistent. Also, make sure that he has the permit to build a new house. These are all the things that you need to consider to know if the property is worth buying or not.

There are some other tips that can help you obtain better deals when you want to buy bigger properties. First, do your research. Find the right person who can give you a good deal for your property. Check if there is a market and how much the property is worth. Always have a contract or an agreement in mind so that you can avoid future conflicts. You also need to make sure that you have chosen the right location for your property. Try to purchase the property near the airport or expressways as this will be easier for you to rent or sell. However, try to avoid buying near hazardous areas because crime rates are very high there. If you are planning to build a bigger house, check out the surrounding area to see if there is a building that is constructed in the past years.

As indicated by provisos, the last penthouse resale at Belle Vue Residences was for a 2,271 sq ft unit that was sold for $3.25 million ($1,431 psf) on April 7 a year ago. In view of information incorporated by EdgeProp Singapore, the normal resale cost at Belle Vue Residences in the course of recent years is about $1,980 psf. The normal lease over a similar period is about $3.90 psf each month (pm), giving a suggested yield of 2.3%. Rents have gone from $3 psf pm to $4.70 psf pm.

Make sure that you are going to pay for the appropriate amount of taxes for the property. This is required by law so that the government can properly maintain the public property. If you are going to sell your property, you need to make sure that you are going to pay for the fair price. Never buy properties cheap especially if you are a beginner in the business. You have to be very careful and take the necessary actions so that you can get a profitable deal from your property investment.

These are just some of the steps that you need to consider if you want to buy bigger properties. Always remember that it is not really easy to have a successful business especially if you are a newbie. But if you are determined to succeed and if you do not want to spend too much time in managing your property, you should consider buying bigger properties. You can be one of the well-heeled investors when you have bigger ones.

Beauty Vue Residences is near Dhoby Ghaut MRT Interchange Station, which serves the North-East, North-South and Circle Lines, and Fort Canning MRT Station on the Downtown Line. The apartment suite is additionally close to the F&B and amusement conveniences situated in the Clarke Quay and Dhoby Ghaut regions.

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